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Since we have started with the players portrait souvenir of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the first ever World cup to happen on African soil, it's amazing how huge is the demand especially internationally.

To order yours just send us an email at 2010@africaallstarsmagazine.org or call us at +27 11 025 0366

 Africa made the history. Amongst many others, here are some of the soccer players who are shining with Africa by having their portrait as a souvenir of the World Cup 2010 from Africa All Stars Magazine


 Be a star and shine with Africa, order your portrait as the soccer stars.

The 2010 Soccer World Cup winners

Steven Pienaar with Brice Tamo

Innocent Ndledle with Brice Tamo

To view and buy the African leading 2010 FIFA World Cup items, please click on the link below. Do it now while stock last and be sure to prove that you were there.


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         T-shirts are available from Small size to xxl size.       Your name, your group name, your country name, ... can be printed or embroidered on the items for extra R 120.00.

10% of all proceeds donated to the Arts Charity Foundation


Do you want to earn extra cash by representing Africa All Stars 2010 items in your country? Write to us at info@africaallstarsmagazine.org


HOPE:  Don't give up hope. Hope is what makes us different from animals. Human beings always hope for a better tomorrow, a more comfortable life, more property; even the dying man hopes to live another day. It is natural to have hope.

Prayers:  Pray to your GOD. You have nothing to lose and you have all the time to pray. Prayers help us to stop worrying and without realizing it. Prayers solve a lot of our problems, prayers help us to relax too. I will tell you what prayers do for us next time.

BelieVE:  A simple word: We believe in only what we can see and touch. But, you can make your believe that: you are an African star. How is that possible?

Answer: You remind yourself that you are going to be an African star. You write down the affirmation like this: I, your name will be an African star.  If nobody offers you a job create one yourself. Just thinking about success and hoping is NOT enough. You MUST write it. All the self-help books will tell you that what the mind believes, it can also achieves, remember you have to write the sentence everyday without failing, you have nothing to lose. Hope + prayers + believe = success. But, don't rely on destiny because, success is one percent destiny, 50 percent strategy and 49 percent hard work. Year 2010 is African only chance to built a bridge between African past and the modern time we are living today. With the coming soccer world cup, the entire world have eyes on Africa. Stimulate yourself today with Africa All Stars items and apply it to your study, your work, in your family or your community and you will surely shine with Africa because, if you are nothing to me you are somebody to your family, friends, classmates, colleagues and you will inspire youngsters; TO MAKE AFRICA A BETTER BLOCK OF THIS WORLD WE ARE BUILDING.


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